Ancient medicine may offer a new hope

By Andre Loftis
Contributing Writer

(Special to the NNPA from Black Voice News) – The Meridian System, a foundation principle of ancient and traditional Chinese medicine; and, the essence of Acupuncture therapy, seems to have earned its place as a credible and important concept in western medicine.

Ancient Chinese believed the Meridian System runs throughout the human body carrying energy (QI). It is this system that Acupuncturists access with needles through Acupuncture points whether they are treating pain in a patient’s back, assisting a patient through a weight loss program or helping someone beat a smoking habit, etc.

Despite Acupuncture’s reputation for treatment success, western medicine has remained skeptical of its truth, its healing value, and the existence of meridians in general—primarily because scientists were never able to confirm the existence of such a system.

A recent article by Diane-Sheppard, Ph.D., L.Ac., provided startling background information that challenges outdated western theory on this issue and lends credibility to the existence of the Meridian System.

According to Sheppard, a Korean doctor named Kim Bonghan was the first to publish a description of the ancient Chinese Meridians in the 1960s. Although researchers in Japan confirmed his work in 1967, Bonghan’s findings were basically dismissed by western medicine because he allegedly, failed to leave details regarding how his outcomes were determined.

Although westerners claimed Bonghan’s findings could not be authenticated—Meridians are now identified as Bonghan Channels—a direct result of his breakthrough work.

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