SPINOR is a new generation of equipment for the effective influence on the body and completely safe. The greatest therapeutic effect is manifested in the solution of the problems causing difficulties in the traditional approach to treatment.

SPINOR is unique device and using modern technology it embodies the idea of oriental medicine.

The concept of EHF-radiation for treatment combines the construction of Oriental Medicine and modern quantum mechanical models that have been adopted around the world, in particular, constitute the theoretical basis Homotoxicology and contemporary German school of homeopathy.

Oriental medicine considers the human body as a combination of physical and energetic start, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics on the dualism of matter.

Scientists have established long ago that the material carrier of information in the physical world is electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a kind of language in which the transmission and reception of information between the physical systems, including living organisms exists.

SPINOR – An Effective Supplement to Traditional Therapies:

  • When there is a risk of polypharmacy in a patient with several conditions.
  • For patients with chronic conditions.
  • When a patient is experiencing complications and side effects from pharmacological treatment.
  • When traditional treatment methods do not yield effective results.
  • For patients with drug resistance or intolerance.
  • When there are contraindications against other treatment methods.

Device SPINOR” is universal and can be used in the recovery of various health disorders.

Indications for device SPINOR:

diseases of the peripheral nervous system; autonomic nervous system diseasse; substance abuse; Diseases of ENT organs; cardio-vascular system; lung and pleura; disease of the gastrointestinal tract; diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue; diseases of musculoskeletal system; gynecological diseases; pain syndrome is any location; articular pathology; spine disease; wounds, burns; allergic diseases accompanied with skin manifestations.

All the researchers ascertain good tolerability of EHF-therapy using the apparatus “SPINOR” the absence of complications and side effects, including prolonged observation of cured patients (1-2 years).

The device is certified by: ? ?? RU C-RU.AE88.B.00889 RU ? 0023541. Registration certificate ? DCF 2009/06028 from 1.10. 2013. Recommended by Russian Ministry of Health to health facilities and self-help and mutual aid.