VitaJuwel 5 Elements Vial


Amethyst (purple) – Chalcedony (translucent to multi-colored and banded) – Petrified Wood (variegated reddish brown)Rose Quartz (pink) – Ocean Chalcedony (blue green)

VitaJuwel 5 Elements Vial is one of the beautiful VitaJuwel Collection Vials.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed over the last 5,000 years and views health as a harmonious balance of five elements: Wood for growth, Water for reflection, Earth for grounding, Metal for strength and Fire for passion. The elements are the prime energetic building blocks from which all substances in the world are composed. The elements are metaphors for how things interact with each other. We have included one gem for each element in this VitaJuwel blend to reflect each of the individual attributes. Get your life in balance. Now, you can experience the ancient wisdom of gem water benefits for yourself.

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VitaJuwel 5 Elements Vials create the vitality of spring water in a natural way with hand selected high quality gemstones. Just like in a mountain spring, your water will soak up the energy of Mother Nature’s Earth Elements as it sits with your beautifully crafted vial. Every single gemstone vial is handmade by master glassblowers in a patented, artisanal method with exclusively fairly-traded gems and lead-free Bohemian glass. Simply place your VitaJuwel gem vial in drinking water for 7-10 minutes and enjoy gem water, the true elixir of life!

Made in the Austrian Alps since 2007 by a family business focused on quality and customer satisfaction, VitaJuwel Vials have quickly become the symbol for the highest quality gem water. Hundreds of thousand of customers in more than 40 countries worldwide use VitaJuwel gem water and gem water accessories.

For a truly elegant and easy flowing water dispenser, pair your gem vial with a VitaJuwel Decanter Era. The lovely decanters are specially made to hold your gem vial making it easy to pour and serve energized living water.