Raw Food World to sue Adya, Inc. over black mica extract

Matt Monarch, founder of Raw Food World, was the largest distributor of Adya Clarity when news broke last year that the product was imported as “battery acid” and contained a surprisingly high level of aluminum which was intentionally omitted from the label.

In learning this, Monarch announced a product refund and has since refunded many thousands of customers their full purchase price. This has resulted in a huge financial hit that he describes in devastating terms, and now Adya, Inc. is reportedly threatening to sue Monarch for around $200,000.

Instead of agreeing to that, Monarch has announced his plan to sue Adya, Inc. for what he called “misrepresention and fraud.” Details in today’s feature article:

Adya Clarity, by the way, is also being sold as “Black Mica Extract” and continues to be offered by dozens of distributors across the USA. Here are details about the Health Canada fraud as well as a listing of who continues to distribute this potentially unsafe dietary product in the USA:

Finally, we’ve also published a collection of fraudulent health claims about Adya Clarity made by Matt Bakos, the founder of Adya, Inc. This collection has never before been published: