We Are All Made of Light

by New Earth Media


A Bio photon is a photon of non thermal origin in the visible and ultra violet spectrum emitted from a biological system. Emission of bio photons is technically a type of bioluminescence. Bio photons show that we are made of light.

The phenomenon of how information is transmitted within living systems was and is being extensively studied by a bio-physicist organic orange VS other bionamed Fritz Albert-Popp. He discovered that photons provided the vehicle for which information was transmitted. Photons are light particles without mass. They transmit information within a cell and between cells. He showed that DNA of living cells store the-human-energy-fieldand release photons. He called this ‘bio photonic emission’. To study this phenomenon he developed an instrument called a photon multiplier. He discovered that DNA uses a variety of frequencies as an information tools suggesting a feedback system of perfect communication through waves, which encode and transfer information between cells.

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