Why Smoking Is Not Bad For You

By: Johan Boswinkel

Although there are not many people agreeing with me it is my considered opinion that smoking is not bad for you but might actually be of benefit. Most people have been indoctrinated by certain individuals who have different purposes in mind.

Governments, the pharmaceutical industry and the church only want one thing and that is to keep the people uneducated , weak, sick and dependent so that they can be controlled easy. That is their only purpose. For these purposes they spread all kind of disinformation and repeat it often enough so that people will start believing it.

Smoking had to be eliminated because smoking blocks certain receptors in the brain for subliminal messages and people tend to think far more independently. Governments are not of the human race. They do not want humans to reach their full potential.

Tar lungs and lung cancer

Only 10% of all the people with lung cancer is or was a smoker. So statistically it would be wiser to smoke.

It is said that you get tar lungs from smoking. Why would that happen? If you are inhaling the smoke, you are not inhaling the tar but the smoke of the tar and that is something totally different, in fact it is the opposite. Furthermore if your lung metabolism is functioning then even if you would inhale toxic substances, your body would deal with them, i.e. excrete them. Plus the fact that in the normal air there are hundreds of times more toxins than in the smoke of a cigarette.

The only thing that you could possibly inhale during smoking and what might be harmful are the filter particles. Filter particles that store the bad air can also be inhaled and that would be bad for you because those particles are too big to be metabolized and could only be excreted from the lungs by coughing. The filter particles contain a lot of substances and they are fixed to the other toxic particles. So smoking filter cigarettes is about the worst thing: you inhale filter particles with the attached smoke particles.

If there is something wrong with your lungs already then many things could and will go wrong. If you have an infection with streptococcae or staphylococcae , then the metabolism of the lungs has already been disturbed by the bacteria. In this case the inhalation of smoke can cause coughing and over time perhaps cause a tumor. There are many other bacteria or viruses that cause coughing or cause lung problems. There are also other diseases like TB( tuberculosis) or whooping cough, which cause functional disturbances to the lungs. Another thing which is in my opinion the most common cause of lung problems is the whiplash, which happens far more often than you might think.

Lung Tumor, Lung Cancer

What is cancer and what is a tumor? Cancer is not a disease. Particular types of tumors are actually a protection mechanism of the body. In the case of lung cancer the body has gathered many toxins and encapsulated them in order to protect various parts of the body from those toxins. If you then go ahead and start cutting in it, you cut the bag open and the toxins will spread again. In many cases this cutting leads to the spreading or metastasis . This is the result of the biopsy. This occurs because the body will not collect everything again but encapsulates it on various places to avoid the same thing happening again.

Lung tumors are basically the same as liver tumors: bags of toxins. If the body starts collecting toxins then there is only one thing to do : detoxify. Do not add more toxins to the body, because the encapsulating is the last resort of the body. So in no case chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy is only adding toxins and radiation destroys the encapsulation and sets the toxins free again. It has no effect on the toxins whatsoever. Liver tumors are of the same kind, they are just bags of toxins. There are also other types of tumors.


A whiplash does not just occur as a result of a car accident. A whiplash can also happen as result of sports, any fall, yoga exercises, birth or an emotional outburst. What is a whiplash? A whiplash is a split energy body. Normally the energy body is one whole body. When it is shaken by anything it splits in an upper and a lower part. In the “empty” middle part there is no energy, the head and the heart are completely disconnected. This split can happen anywhere in the body, very often it occurs in the neck region. It can be easily restored, after which the problems can disappear within hours.

The neck region also is the location of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These glands also represent the throat chakra, responsible for the head and chest area. It very often is this lack of energy in the throat area that is the cause of many problems from asthma to tumors in the breast or uterus, from arterio sclerosis to osteoporosis, anything that has to do with the calcium metabolism. Of course there are other causes like the anti-tetanus vaccination that could cause these symptoms.

It has been proven that the anti-tetanus vaccine disrupts the calcium metabolism in humans. Whiplash also is the cause of many eye, muscle problems and stomach problems. But it very often is the cause of all types of lung problems, including lung cancer. As said before smoking cannot be blamed for tar lungs or lung cancer, it is always something that was there before.